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 Ace Face as a brand was started in 2000 from the brain- child, founder 

Shakim Isgod Allah, who previously enjoyed much success in managing some notable law firms and some of largest corporate and privet collection firms and a retail bank in Colorado. Armed with a 10th grade education and 120 degrees. Shakim was the only Black manager of account services that Nordstrom Bank ever hired coming in the door making a six figure salary. He attributes his ability to move around the corporate world at a high level, do to his foundation of 120 degrees as taught by Allah and his 5%. He dedicated 20 years to building in ciphers of the Gods and Earths, this gave him the ability to speak with confidence and with matter of fact.

Launched as a photography company in 2000 D.B.A. Ace Face Photography, the studio was located in a house he rented. With a business in each room and a recording studio in the basement D.B.A Ace Face Recording Studios. He became successful fairly quick.

He then added Ace Face Limousines started with 12 passenger Lincoln stretch Limo. Finally in 2006 Ace Face Apparel was launched in a celebratory expression of the founder Sha-Kim, to share with all, the culture that prepared him.

He launched Ace Face Apparel December 31, 2006, and is has now set the bar very high for the new standard for Asiatic owned companies.

Our First Big Move

He Partnered with the legendary Iron Sheik  Wu Tang Klan affiliate. Who began to head our marketing department. With his extensive background and relationships in the Hip Hop Industry. This partnership was a no brainer. In 2015 they welcomed Sha'Kwan as VP . He currently manages our KCB's.

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